Welcome to Kiyumí psychedelic retreats

Kiyumí offers legal psychedelic retreats, utilizing psilocybin truffles, supported by a comprehensive integration programme for a safer and deeper connective experience.


Upcoming Retreats


August 23-26th, 2019

October 24-27th, 2019



What is included in our retreat

  • A psychedelic travelogue (covering all the necessary informations about the retreat, body-mind exercises and dietary recommendations to prepare you for the voyage)

  • Full accommodation in a peaceful and nature-inspiring center near Amsterdam

  • Magical Ayurvedic-Vegan meals to ensure your body is healthy and nourished

  • One-on-one consultation before the retreat with us to help you with your intentions, see where you are at and calibrate your dosage

  • 2 one-on-one consultations during the retreat (before and after psilocybin experience)

  • Guidelines and techniques to use during the psilocybin session

  • Psilocybin session guided and supported by a team of experienced facilitators

  • Various Workshops (detailed in Retreat Info)

  • An individual integration session after retreat, with optional follow-up

  • Follow-up group integration meeting after retreat (online)


We are a transdisciplinary team of experienced facilitators from many different backgrounds, all sharing a vision of creating an accessible and inclusive space, sensitive towards gender and identity diversity.

We combine traditional and contemporary approaches, along with a deep focus on creative and somatic practices, where both seasoned explorers and new initiates from all walks of life can experience the potential of alternative states of consciousness and personal growth...



Amit Elan is co-director of Altered - a conference exploring psychedelic research and consciousness happening in Berlin. He worked as a facilitator with the Psychedelic Society UK co-facilitating legal psychedelic retreats in The Netherlands…


Gili is a nomadic practitioner of Tantric Healing and bodywork, trained in trauma release, intimacy and sacred sexuality work with all genders. Gili's calling and passion is in creating, holding & allowing spaces for transformative experiences and process, for individuals and groups


Robert Napp/Randma is a certified body-psychotherapist under the European Association of Body Psychotherapy (EABP). He’s been working with individuals and groups for several years and helped organize the Baltic’s biggest Psychedelics Conference…


Benjamin Elan holds a master’s degree in Narrative Therapy and Community Work from Melbourne University as well as being a certified member of the Israeli Association for Traditional Chinese Medicine. He is also a Fang Shi - an executive spiritual and holistic advisor.…