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Here’s what our participants shared with us about their experience

The retreat as a whole definitely had an impact on me. I am very touched that I could meet so many people on a quest, people searching for meaning and willing to take risks on the way! The trip itself gave me the closure I needed after a very bad trip 20 years ago. There where times during the trip when I was really euphoric and I realize in retrospect, that it was love for myself and as a result of that for everybody and everything else. Good to know that I have that somewhere inside of me.
— Nico
I felt very comfortable in the space and with the facilitators, and found the sessions and workshops very relevant and useful. After the retreat I felt blessed, eased and relaxed. I’m more open to people and give myself more hugs.
— Martin
It helped me feel powerful again, and in that power, feel the light shining through me. It helped me understand that i have a deep impact on all aspects of reality, that its only a matter of good choice. It helped me feel i was now able to know what’s good and what’s not for me, in my relationships, in my relationship to food or drugs. I stopped drinking and smoking (tobacco) since then, as i didn’t need it. It helped me as well understand other aspects of the cosmic realm which are deeply important for my own artistic practice - my life practice lets say.
— Vincent
The impact of the retreat : Integrating each day and seeing that I have no more fears!
— Kat
The retreat deeply impacted me, I Iet go from old pain and suffering. I´m more in my body in my heart.
 The highlights were the clarity from the facilitators, being more gentle to myself and eating the fresh food. After the retreat I still feel this big big love all around me. I 
Felt completely secure with the facilitators and found all the sessions useful.
— Silke
I have been working on acceptance (and it showed me how much more work I have to do) but that is good. It showed me my coping mechanisms and helped me ask if they are stopping my progress. I had a lot of spiritual questions raised to look into... again another step on the journey.
— Eternal Now